The purpose of The Lily Movement is to create a virtual global flower garden, both in the form of lily paintings and in the form of people….recognizing that each of us is a flower, so to speak, in this garden we call Life…on Earth. And to see how far across the world this “garden” can spread.

The Lily Movement has grown out of my love for this flower as well as a desire to share my creative expression, and in so doing, perhaps inspire you to blossom more and more into the precious being you truly are!

You can click on the green icon to the right at any time and sign up to show up on the Global Garden Map!

Of course, no purchase is necessary to become part of the Movement, however, with any purchase, 20% will be donated to your choice of one of three organizations doing good work in the world….helping children learn about growing food; helping to reforest the Brazilian rainforest; or help for a global humanitarian organization.

The Lily Movement…

…embraces beauty, grace, ease and …. hope.

…honors the cycles of Life and Nature; the cycle of Giving and Receiving.

…seeks to inspire each person to open and become the unique and precious blossom they were born to be — the expression of which, like a flower, is held in the seed of their divine design…this, in turn, inevitably helps to transform our Earth…the “garden planet.”

…envisions a world where we are awake and alive to our creative nature, our connectedness, and living a passionate life from the heart…of Infinite Possibility.

“If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly,
our whole life would change.”
— Buddha

A special note of thanks to everyone who has lovingly supported me and the idea of The Lily Movement with your enthusiasm, ideas, encouragement, finances, mentoring…your smiles. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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